Everyone in Asbury Park Has the Right to a Safe and Stable Home

We are a volunteer coalition of tenants, homeless people, and advocates from across Asbury Park.

Testimonials of Asbury Park Residents Compiled by Asbury park Affordable Housing Coalition

This is a chance for less fortunate residents to save money, invest in long-term goals, improve or maintain their mental health, and provide a safe environment for their children and loved ones. As the city of Asbury Park is undergoing a redevelopment boom, newcomers and gentrifiers alike have been seizing its property. The APAHC is against unmoderated, runaway gentrification. Rent control is an effective housing policy that prevents exploitative gentrification. It also promotes inclusion and limits displacement. The APAHC had the opportunity to speak with its opposition, the Asbury Park Property Owners Coalition (APPOC), an Asbury Park landlord coalition. Some of the members of the APPOC were sympathetic to rent control. However, some are misinformed about the city’s racial inequality and the devastation of the 1970 riot. One landlord, who will not be named and is the founder of a million-dollar business, questioned why Black residents did not invest and buy properties before developers and out-of-town buyers did. Fellow APPOC colleagues sided with the man’s strawman talking point, unwittingly dismissing the city’s redlining.

Private banks have denied people of color in urban areas services or goods – a discriminatory practice once backed by the government. The result of this injustice, dating from the 1930s and arguably an existing problem today, has prevented minorities from receiving housing loans. It is worth noting the APPOC’s membership is not diverse, consisting mostly of middle-aged to senior citizen white men, and some of its members moved to the city in the early 2000s. There is a lack of basic cultural knowledge and race inequality when talking about housing. In addition, Black tenants do not feel assured by APPOC’s sudden commitment to fair housing, and that is why rent control is a must for Asbury Park residents.

Press Releases

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